The record release party is set for July, 30 at Natchez Brewing Co. from 7:00-9:00! Check out this cool promo video and respond to the Facebook event. Thanks for stopping by. See you there!





Today I placed the first order for 1000 CD's! The new album "This Town" will be in hand by June 2! Album release parties are being planned as we speak! Also, tomorrow is my first show at Natchez Brewing Co. I'll be doing an acoustic set with some brand new songs, as well as tracks from "This Town". I've had a very positive response to the event on FB so far. It's a small venue, so it should fill up quickly. Check out my calendar for upcoming shows in Natchez, Little Rock, Nashville, and Lake St. John. See you soon, and as always, thanks for stopping by. -Ben



Last week we finished the last bit of tracking/editing for this album, the only exception being Courtney's Cello on Sunshine and maybe redoing one of my guitar tracks that I'm not too fond of. Other than that, its done! Burne has already started mixing, so several tracks are 100% done.

On another note, I've decided against vinyl for now and I will place the first order of CD's as soon as I get the artwork and the final mixes in hand. Bishop Gunn just got their 5 song EP back from their producer in Nashville, so they are looking to release that pretty soon. The plan is to do a double album release party; probably at Smoot's in Natchez the first weekend in June. Nothing firm yet, but it's in the works. Thanks for stopping by, and be sure to check out my latest bookings in the events tab, and follow the links below for Facebook, YouTube, etc. See you soon.  -Ben



It's been a busy couple of weeks for me. Last Friday, I played a killer show with Bishop Gunn at Smoot's in Natchez. The next Monday I travelled up to Nashville to meet up with the band and their Grammy-nominated producer, Casey Wasner. I learned a lot watching him work, and I'm hoping to work with him on my next project. This coming Friday and Saturday, I'll be back in Natchez at Roux 61. Then on Monday, I'm heading to Muscle Shoals, AL to record a guitar track for BG at the legendary FAME studios! Good things to come!



Greetings! I hope everyone is having a happy new year! 2016 has been a pretty busy year for me so far. I've been bringing in the last of the session players to record on the new album, booking some exciting shows for the upcoming months, and I just released my second single "This Town", which is available for downloading and streaming via the music player to the left. I've also started a GoFundMe account to help fund the first order of vinyl records. You can donate here at https://www.gofundme.com/benlewisvinyl Anyone who donates $22 or more will receive a "free" copy (that's my price at cost).

Also, this coming Friday, Feb 12, I will be opening up for Bishop Gunn at Smoot's Grocery in Natchez, MS. We will be recording live audio and video for some great YouTube videos, so stay tuned for that! Thanks again for stopping by. -Ben


During my stay in Natchez over the Christmas holidays we were able to accomplish a lot in the studio. Several new tracks were recorded, "homework assignments" were sent out to session musicians, and the first single "As the Bridges Burn" was mastered for release. You'll find it on the media player to your left, and it is due to be released on iTunes, Spotify, etc within the next few weeks. Thanks again for all the continued support. -Ben 


I just got home from another productive week in Natchez. I worked in the studio all throughout the week, and I even got to sit in on Friday night at the Balloon races with Bishop Gunn. Check out the newest Studio Blog entry for a play-by-play, and as always, thanks for stopping by. -Ben


I spent a few days back in Natchez last week working on a long overdue album in the Sharp Sound Design studio. This album will feature some brand new material along with some new renditions of previously recorded songs of mine. Most recently, we have been working on an older song of mine from 2009 called "November Sunburn". For a detailed update on the recording process, instruments used, and guest musicians, check out my blog page. Thanks for stopping by. -Ben